March 26, 2023



How to Take Magic Mushrooms

There are many different ways to use magic mushrooms. The most common method is to simply eat a few of the dried How to Take Magic Mushrooms directly, but you can also make mushroom tea, make them into mushroom chocolates, or diffuse them into honey.

Here are seven methods for consuming magic mushrooms:

  1. Eat The Mushrooms Whole

This is the most common method of using mushrooms around the world. You can eat both the fresh and dried mushrooms directly.

I’m going to be completely honest — magic mushrooms don’t taste great. Fresh mushrooms are a little bit better, but not by much. The easiest way to use them is to just knock them back and follow up with some sort of chase to mask the taste (if needed).

  1. Eat The Mycelium (Truffles)

Truffles refer to the underground portion of the mushroom — called the mycelium.

What we think of as a “mushroom” is simply the reproductive organ of the fungi. The organism itself lives below the ground in the form of a thick mat of fibrous “threads” called mycelia. These threats penetrate the mushroom’s source of food to break it down and turn it into energy.

The mushrooms that appear above the soils are sent up seasonally for the purpose of spreading their spores to form new organisms.

In some parts of the world, magic mushrooms are illegal, but mycelium (truffles) are not. If you order magic mushrooms at a coffee shop in Amsterdam, for example, you’re going to get a bag of truffles rather than mushroom fruiting bodies.

Truffles contain the active psilocybin and psilocin as well but in lower concentrations. Additionally, it’s nearly impossible to separate all the growing substrates from the mycelium, which adds to the overall weight of the truffles.